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October Sounds

The reissue frenzy that has unearthed a wide range of obscure and
classic eighties industrial and post-punk releases is now (already)
moving on to early to mid nineties techno. Long sought after R & S
releases by Joey Beltram and Aphex have resurfaced and now Downwards has begun to reissue and remaster some classic releases, diluting the exclusivity of the originals but taking them to a much wider audience.
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Surgeon - Communications LP (Downwards)

Surgeon's first LP.

Surgeon/Portion Reform/Female - Backwards Man EP (Downwards)
Originally a Japanese only release now available. One for the real
Downwards connoisseurs.

The Wee DJs - Fear and Lothian Double LP (Touchin' Bass)
Dark Scottish electro.

Dystronic - Rude Tunes EP (Kommando 6)
Noir european electro.

Necropolis - Necrosphere (Cold Spring)
Icy Siberian post-industrial ambience.

Fad Gadget by Frank Tovey (Mute)
2CD and 2DVD box containing demos, live clips, a documentary and more.

Laibach - Volk (Mute)
Coming soon... expect the unexpected!