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TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2007

July 2007 Playlist

Latest sonocentric transmission - expect more frequent updates from now on...

Terence Fixmer - Mental Science EP (Invasion Planete)
More introspective than other releases but still interesting. B1 is the highlight.

Shemale - Beyond the North Wind (Bunker 3064)

Highlight of the recent Bunker releases. Melancholic and almost romantic noir synth-scapes. Check also the other recent Bunkers by Alex Norinh, Composite Prefuse and Elec. Pt 1.

Pan Sonic - Katodivaihe (Blast First)

Much more even and immediate than they've been for a while. The inclusion of cello may seem alarming but works well. PS as their most uncompromising for some time.

Pankow - Great Minds Against Themselves Conspire (Wheesht)

Initial scepticism about the latest Pankow re-incarnation soon fades. An elegant title, the traditional witty lyrics and well crafted electro-EBM make this worth investigating.


Maria Zerfall In Phase Pervers - Ich-Katastrophe (Membrum Debile Propaganda)
Underrated and obscure German industrial with charimatic and deadly female vocals.

Penderecki- Passio et mors Domini nostri Jesu Christi secundum Lucam
Stringent atonality - Penderecki's severe atmopsherea influenced several industrial groups.

Autopsia - Berlin Requiem

Latest funereal compositions from Autopsia. Less bombastic and mroe subtle than previously, still quietly fascinating.